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Single-Phase Control Transformer

HSLEC has made constant efforts to develop and make improvements on our single-phase control transformers, which function to supply power to control auxiliary equipment not connected directly to the main circuit.

Below are some of the features of the single-phase low voltage control transformers.

Less material used
Compared to three-phase control transformers with the same capacity, single-phase units use less iron and copper materials. If single-phase transformers are designed with a spiral type core, its no-load loss can be reduced by 15% or more. Thus, the production cost and use cost are greatly reduced, thus maximizing life cycle cost.
Low investment in transmission wire
Single-phase power supply system can save transmission costs by 33% to 63%. So, single-phase dry type transformers are ideal for use in rural areas and street light power supply systems.

Suitable for bulk production
Due to its simple structure, the single-phase control transformer is suitable for bulk production, which can help improve product quality and production efficiency.

Low construction investment
According to the statistics, shortening the distance of low voltage trunk lines is an ideal way to reduce line loss. As the single-phase control transformer is lightweight and convenient for installation, it can be simply installed onto telegraph poles to supply power.

Specifications For the control transformer
1. Input voltage: rated voltage ±10%
2. Output voltage: rated voltage +5% (no load)
3. Efficiency: ≥95%
4.Waveform distortion: no additional waveform distortion
5. Function: indication of input voltage, output voltage and current.
6. Protection: over-current protection
7. Can operate itself without anybody attending for a long term
8. Insulation resistance: ≥50MΩ
9. Electric strength: no breakdown or flashover phenomenon under power frequency sine voltage of 2000V for 1min
10. Overload capability: for 1min under two times of rated current

1. Safe, flame retardant and low pollution construction.
2. German HTT technology in power transformer manufacturing.
3. Low loss, low noise level, maintenance free, easy installation and obvious low operation cost.
4. Better dissipation of heat, the transformer can operate up to 150% of its rated load under air-forced cooling condition.
5. Highly moisture-proof ability.
6. Temperature protection and surveillance system is avaliable to assure safe and reliable service.

Technical Data of the control transformer
1 phase Control Transformer Frequency Outline Dimension Installation dimension Weight
Model HZ L×B×H Dimension (kg)
DG-1/1.0 50/60 190×150×250 90×100 22
DG-2/1.0 50/60 220×160×280 100×110 33
DG-3/1.0 50/60 230×170×330 100×120 38
DG-4/1.0 50/60 240×160×340 110×130 50
DG-5/1.0 50/60 240×200×340 110×150 59
DG-6/1.0 50/60 310×230×360 130×160 68
DG-7/1.0 50/60 320×240×380 140×170 74
DG-8/1.0 50/60 320×260×380 140×170 78
DG-9/1.0 50/60 330×270×390 150×170 84
DG-10/1.0 50/60 340×280×440 150×180 98
DG-15/1.0 50/60 360×300×460 160×190 138
DG-20/1.0 50/60 450×350×480 240×300 160
DG-30/1.0 50/60 520×350×520 240×300 220
DG-50/1.0 50/60 600×400×640 300×350 390
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