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Static Voltage Stabilizer

Static Voltage Stabilizer or Static Voltage Regulator

Static voltage stabilizer or static voltage regulator is same as servo voltage stabilizer but without any moving part. Servo stabilizer correction in output voltage achieve with help of moving tap by servo motor, but static voltage stabilizer is managed by a state-of-the-art digital computer system. It is designed with electronic & microprocessor latest technology, using SCR’s, static solid circuit, transformers, sensors and control systems. The computer system calculates the difference between output voltage and programmed value, then identifies which switches to activate and which sector of which transformer to either increase or decrease the outgoing voltage.

The static stabilizer & regulator is widely used in virtually all forms of residential, commercial and industrial: telecoms, factories, offices, petrol stations, department stores, residential apartment blocks, leisure-anywhere that needs to maintain constant output voltage, save power, costs & protect equipment from premature failure.

Technical Parameters of Static voltage regulator
Capacity/Power 3KVA-1500KVA
Input Voltage Single Phase: 220V
(Optional: 110V/127V/200V/230V/240V, etc.)
Three Phase: 380V
(Optional: 200V/220V/400V/415V/440V/480V, etc.)
Input Voltage Regulation Range ±20% (Optional: ±25%, ±30%, etc.)
Output Voltage Single Phase: 220V
(Optional: 110V/127V/200V/230V/240V, etc.)
Three Phase: 380V
(Optional: 200V/220V/400V/415V/440V/480V, etc.)
Output Voltage Regulation Accuracy ±2% (Optional: ±1.5%, ±1.3%, ±1%, etc.)
Output Rated Current Single Phase=Power in KVA*1000/Single Phase Voltage
Three Phase=Power in KVA*1000/(Three Phase Voltage * 1.732)
Bypass current Bypass Current=Rated Current * 0.8 (Ratio 0.8 is the normal power factor)
Output Voltage Set point (Center Voltage) Adjustment ±1% to ±5% adjustable
Output Method Soft and delay output (Regulation firstly, output regulated voltage after delay), protect load from surge voltage striking
Output Waveform Pure sine wave, does not change the input signal
Working Frequency 50Hz/60Hz±5%
Wiring & Winding Material Not full copper (Optional: Full Copper )
Insulation Class F (Optional: H)
Voltage Regulation Mode On Each Phase Pure electronic regulation, regulation on each phase individually
Bypass System Automatic and internal manual bypass
Response Time ≤10ms
Load Power Factor Unaffected by load power factor
Suitability Suitable for 3 phase imbalanced/balanced supply & imbalanced/balanced load
Efficiency ≥98%
Overload Capacity 5 times of rated output current, last for 1 second
Duty Cycle Continuous

What are differences between Static Voltage Stabilizer and Servo Stabilizer?
1) Voltage Correction Speed

It does not contain any moving part. Static voltage stabilizer has pure electronic circuit to achieve correction in voltages. Hence static stabilizer has exceptionally high voltage correction speed than servo voltage stabilizer, so its voltage correction speed is slower than static voltage stabilizer.

2) Correction Time
Due to high voltage correction speed static voltage stabilizer has low correction time of 20 to 30 millisecond as compared to servo stabilizer correction time of 50 milliseconds to 5 seconds.

3) Maintenance
Since servo stabilizer has moving servo motor hence it has regular wear and tear which needs maintenance. Due to static nature of static voltage regulator it doesn’t need maintenance.

4) Reliability:
In servo voltage stabilizer correction in voltage achieve by increasing or decreasing no of winding in autotransformer with help of shaft of servo motor. Static voltage stabilizer depends on reliability of IGBT power stage. In General static IGBT power stage is more reliable than electromechanical servo motor hence SVS are more reliable than servo regulator.

Other Differences between Static type Voltage stabilizer and Servo voltage Stabilizer:
Items Static Voltage Stabilizer Servo Voltage Stabilizer
Maintenance cost As standard with no extra cost Optional at extra cost.
Size Very Compact Compact
Weight Very low weight High weight
Voltage regulation accuracy ±1% ±3%
Working Principle PWM method, IGBT based Servo motor controlled.
Sound Silent operation With level sound
Product cost A little high Lower
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