Line Reactor (for SIEMENS DC Speed Governor and Inverter)


A line reactor is an electronic component that consists of one or more inductor or transformer elements. The most common type is designed for three-phase electric power. Line reactors are generally installed in HVAC equipment, pumping equipment, machine tools and any number of other motor driven equipment. This particular model was specially designed Siemens DC speed governors and inverters.

1. All-copper windings, for longer life.
2. Elegant design
3. 50/60 hertz frequency (other frequencies available).
4. Low Noise(less than 60dB)
5. Small volume easy to install and transportation
6. Unique Logo and compatibility with IEC289, GB10229
7. Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management

1. A line reactor can be used for adding line impedance.
2. The inductor also serves to reduce harmonics.
3. It is able to compensate for a low inductance motor.
4. The low voltage reactor acts only as part of a filter to reduce reflected wave.

Technical Parameters
Rated AC Power Source (V) Rated DC Power(KW) SIMOREG-K(SIEMENS) MODEL Excitation Loop Single Phase Reactor 4%
SIEMENS DC Governor model Rated DC Voltage(V) Rated DC Current(A) Rated AC Current(A) SIEMENS Ref. No. HSLEC Ref. No. Rated Phase Current (A) 100% Reactor
3AC 6.3 6RA2413-6DV62-0 420 485 15 8 4EM4807-1CB HSL123-36 18 4EM3601-8DS HSL119-15
400 12.6 6RA2418-6DV62-0 30 11.2 4EM4807-1CB HSL123-36 25 4EM3701-0DS HSL119-18
(15) 6RA2418-6DS22-0 25 4EM3701-0DS HSL119-18
25 6RA2445-6DV62-0 60 56 4EM3901-2DS HSL119-25
(29) 6RA2445-6DS22-0 56 4EM3901-2DS HSL119-25
42 6RA2430-6DV62-0 100 (90) 91 4EM4002-3DS(00-1DB) (28)
(44) 6RA2428-6DS22-0 80 4EM4002-3DS(00-1DB) HSL119-29 (28)
59 6RA2432-6DV62-0 140 (125) 18 4EM4807-1CB HSL123-36 125 4EU2521-0AA00(1AA10) HSL119-32 (31)
(61) 6RA2431-6DS22-0 112 4EU2521-0AA00(1AA10) HSL119-32 (31)
84 6RA2475-6DV62-0 200 180 4EU2721-2AA00 HSL119-35
(91) 6RA2475-6DS22-0 180 4EU2721-2AA00 HSL119-35
Standard: JB5346   GB10229    IEC289
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