Line Reactor (for EUROTHERM DC Speed Governor)


The line reactor acts as a current limiting device and performs a similar function to the familiar DC choke. The reactor will act as a filter to prevent any unwanted harmonics and other electrical wave fluctuations. When used on the input of the motor control, it acts as a smoothing reactor to increase motor efficiency and extend operating life. This particular model was designed for compatibility with Eurotherm DC speed governors.


Protect your motors and motor drives from a variety of power conditioning problems while realizing the following benefits:
Protection from damaging voltage drop .
Elimination of nuisance tripping of drives or circuit breakers.
Reduction of motor current surges and power line spike currents.
Improvement in true power factor of capacitor input drives.
Cooler, quieter operation.
Reduction of harmonic distortion.
Longer life for motors and solid state components.

Line reactor for DC Drives

1. All-100% copper windings, for longer life.
2. Elegant design
3. 50/60 hertz frequency (other frequencies available).
4. Low Noise(less than 60dB)
5. Small volume easy to install and transportation
6. Unique Logo and compatibility with IEC289, GB10229
7. Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management
Selection Guide of DC Inductor Compatible to Britain EMERSON Inverter

Technical Parameters
Selection Guide of 3-Phase Line Reactor, Output Reactor and DC Reactor Compatible to EMERSON VFD
EUROTHERM 3-Phase Line Reactor Compatible to Eurotherm DC Governor
AC Power Source Voltage V Motor Power Kw Eurotherm 3-Phase Line Reactor
DC Governor Model Rated DC Voltage V Rated Phase Current A Rated Phase Current A Eurotherm Ordering No. HSL Ordering No.
3AC 380 15 590/0350 400~420 35 30 C0055192 HSL119-E01
30 590/0700 70 60 C0055193 HSL119-E02
45 590/1100 110 100 C0055253 HSL119-E03
60 590/1500 150 140 C0055255 HSL119-E04
75 590/1800 180 160 C0055257 HSL119-E05
110 592/2700 270 240 C0055258 HSL119-E06
190 594/3600 360 320 C0055259 HSL119-E07
220 594/4500 450 400 C00557960 HSL119-E08
250 596/5500 550 480 C00557962 HSL119-E09
300 596/7200 720 630 C00557963 HSL119-E10
3AC 500 395 598/9500 800 950 830 HSL119-E11
455 598/11000 1100 960 HSL119-E12
575 598/13880 1388 1250 HSL119-E13
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