Line Reactor for HITACHI Inverter

Product feature

Line reactors/output reactors are often used with variable speed drives to control motor speed and increase efficiency and energy savings. Using a line reactor helps eliminate common electrical issues that can damage certain motors.

Extend the Life of Motor
Line reactors, when selected for the output of your drive, will enhance the waveform and virtually eliminate failures due to output circuit faults. Temperatures can be reduced by 10 to 20 degrees as well.

Low Heat Dissipation
The line inductors help maintain temperatures for maximum efficiency.
Particular attention has been focused on the design and field testing of this product line. The result is reactors with ideal operating features including low temperature rises and reduced losses. Reactors will operate efficiently and heat dissipation in your equipment will be of minimal concern.

The total harmonic distortion of variable speed drives produces complex wave shapes such as the phase current shown above. The challenge for today's designers is to effectively minimize these line problems.

A voltage waveform illustrating line notching. Line reactors are used to provide the inductive reactance needed to reduce such notches.

Technical Parameters
1. Three-phase Line Reactor Compatible to the HITACHI Inverter (J100, J300, VWS Series)
Three Phase Line Reactor and DC Reactor Compatible to HITACHI Inverter J100(1.5~3.7kW)J300(5.5~400kW)VWS(100~400kW)L300P(11~132kW)
Rated Power Source Voltage V Motor Power
Inverter Three Phase Line Reactors DC Reactors
Model Phase Current A HITACHI Ordering No. HSL Ordering No. Phase Current A HITACHI Ordering No. HSL Ordering No.
3AC 380 ~ 460 1.5 J100-015HF 4.2 AL1-2.5H HSL119-R01
2.2 J100-022HF 9 AL1-5.5H HSL119-R02
3.7 J100-037HF
5.5 J100-055HF 14 AL1-11H HSL119-R03
7.5 J100-075HF
11 J100-110HF 33.5 AL1-22H HSL119-R04
15 J100-150HF
18.5 J100-185HF 50 AL1-33H HSL119-R05 57 DCL-22H HSL424-R01
22 J100-220HF DCL-30H HSL424-R02
30 J100-300HF 78 AL1-50H HSL119-R06 68.5 DCL-37H HSL424-R03
37 J100-370HF 88.5
45 J100-450HF 115 AL1-75H HSL119-R07 106 DCL-45H HSL424-R04
55 130 DCL-55H HSL424-R05
75 J100-750HF 185 AL1-120H HSL119-R08 176 DCL-100H HSL424-R06
90 J100-900HF
100 J100-1000HF
110 J100-1100HF 208 DCL-120H HSL424-R07
120 J100-1200HF
132 J100-1320HF 256 DCL-150H HSL424-R08
150 J100-1500HF 270 AL1-180H HSL119-R09
160 J100-1600HF 307 DCL-180H HSL424-R09
180 J100-1800HF
220 J100-055HF 235 AL1-220H HSL119-R10 400 DCL-220H HSL424-R10
260 J100-2600HF 450 AL1-300H HSL119-R11 540 DCL-300H HSL424-R01
300 J100-3000HF
400 J100-4000HF 535 AL1-400H HSL119-R012 645 DCL-400H HSL424-R02
  • Insulated framework
  • Silicon steel sheet
  • 100% Pure Copper coil
  • Product composition
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