Output Reactor (for SUPRO DC Speed Governor and Inverter)


The output reactor is used between variable speed drives and the motor. It has the functions of decreasing peak voltage and current, and smoothing pulse width modulated waveform. The reactor minimizes operating temperature and audible noise in motor loads. This particular line reactor was intended for use with SUPRO DC speed governors and inverters.

1. All-copper windings, for longer life.
2. Elegant design
3. 50/60 hertz frequency (other frequencies available).
4. Low Noise(less than 60dB)
5. Small volume easy to install and transportation
6. Unique Logo and compatibility with IEC289, GB10229
7. Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management

1. The output reactor is able to extend the lifetime of output motor.
2. It can also dampen overshoot peak voltage.
3. The low voltage reactor is used to reduce motor heating and audible noise.

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