Line Reactor (for ABB DC Speed Governor and Inverter)


The line reactor acts as a current limiting device and performs a similar function to the familiar DC choke. The reactor will act as a filter to prevent any unwanted harmonics and other electrical wave fluctuations. When used on the input of the motor control, it acts as a smoothing reactor to increase motor efficiency and extend operating life.

1. All-copper windings, for longer life.
2. Elegant design
3. 50/60 hertz frequency (other frequencies available).
4. Low Noise(less than 60dB)
5. Small volume easy to install and transportation
6. Unique Logo and compatibility with IEC289, GB10229
7. Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management

Protect your motors and motor drives from a variety of power conditioning problems while realizing the following benefits:
Protection from damaging voltage drop .
Elimination of nuisance tripping of drives or circuit breakers.
Reduction of motor current surges and power line spike currents.
Improvement in true power factor of capacitor input drives.
Cooler, quieter operation.
Reduction of harmonic distortion.
Longer life for motors and solid state components.

The total harmonic distortion of variable speed drives produces complex wave shapes such as the phase current shown above. The challenge for today's designers is to effectively minimize these line problems.

A voltage waveform illustrating line notching. Line reactors are used to provide the inductive reactance needed to reduce such notches.
Technical Data of Reactor Compatible to ABB DC Governor

Technical Data of Reactor Compatible to ABB DC Governor
3-Phase Line Reactor and Transformer Compatible to ABB DC Governor DCS500 12~1200kW- Auto and Auxiliary 14 ABB (DC500)
Rated AC Source Voltage
Motor Rated Power KW ABB Thyrister Inverter Model Rated DC Voltage V Rated DC Current A Grid Side Three-Phase Line Reactor Excitation Unit Model No. Autotransformer T3
Rated Phase Current A ABB Ordering No. HSL Ordering No. Capacity KVA ABB Ordering No. HSL
Ordering No.
3AC 400±10% 12 DCS501-0025-41 465 415 25 18 ND01 HSL119-B01 Uprin=500V
10 DCS502-0025-41
23 DCS501-0050-41 50 37 ND02 HSL119-B02 SDCS-FEX-1 119 T301 HSL432-B01
21 DCS502-0050-41
35 DCS501-0075-41 75 55 ND04 HSL119-B04 SDCS-FEX-1 139 T302 HSL432-B02
31 DCS502-0075-41
47 DCS501-0100-41 100 102 ND06 HSL119-B06 299 T303 HSL432-B03
42 DCS502-0100-41
58 DCS501-0140-41 140 DCF503/4-005 331 T304 HSL432-B04
84 DCS501-0200-41 200 184 ND07 HSL119-B07 696 T305 HSL432-B05
83 DCS502-0200-41
105 DCS501-0250-41 250 Uprin=690V
104 DCS502-0250-41
146 DCS501-0350-41 350 245 ND09 HSL119-B09 SDCS-FEX-1 677 T311 HSL432-B06
145 DCS502-0350-41
188 DCS501-0450-41 450 367 ND10 HSL119-B10 SDCS-FEX-1 1115 T312 HSL432-B07
187 DCS502-0450-41
219 DCS501-0520-41 520 1126 T313 HSL432-B08
216 DCS502-0520-41
326 DCS501-0700-41 700 490 ND12 HSL119-B12 DCF503/4-005 1855 T314 HSL432-B09
291 DCS502-0700-41
419 DCS501-0900-41 900 698 ND13 HSL119-B13 1859 T315 HSL432-B10
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