Line Reactor / Output Reactor (for Schneider Inverter)

Product features

Line reactors/output reactors are often used with variable speed drives to control motor speed and increase efficiency and energy savings. Using a line reactor helps eliminate common electrical issues that can damage certain motors.

Extend the Life of Motor
Line reactors, when selected for the output of your drive, will enhance the waveform and virtually eliminate failures due to output circuit faults. Temperatures can be reduced by 10 to 20 degrees as well.

Low Heat Dissipation
The line inductors help maintain temperatures for maximum efficiency.

Particular attention has been focused on the design and field testing of this product line. The result is reactors with ideal operating features including low temperature rises and reduced losses. Reactors will operate efficiently and heat dissipation in your equipment will be of minimal concern.

The total harmonic distortion of variable speed drives produces complex wave shapes such as the phase current shown above. The challenge for today's designers is to effectively minimize these line problems.

A voltage waveform illustrating line notching. Line reactors are used to provide the inductive reactance needed to reduce such notches.

Technical Parameters
Selection Guide of 3-Phase Line and Output Reactor Compatible to Schneider Inverter ATV38
Power Source Voltage V Power Kw Inverter Three-phase Line reactor Three-phase Output reactor
Model Input Current A Output Current A Phase Current A Schneider Ordering No. HSL Ordering No. Phase Current A Schneider Ordering No. HSL Ordering No.
3AC 400 ~ 500 0.75 ATV38(58)HU18N4 3.4 2.3 4 VW3 A66501 HSL119-SL01
1.5 ATV38(58)HU29N4 6 4.1
2.2 ATV38(58)HU41N4 7 5.8 10 VW3 A66502 HSL119-SL02
3 ATV38(58)HU54N4 10.2 7.8
4 ATV38(58)HU72N4 13 10.5
5.5 ATV38(58)HU90N4 17 13 16 VW3 A66503 HSL119-SL03
7.5 ATV38(58)HD12N4 26.5 17.6
11 ATV38(58)HD15N4 35.4 24.2 30 VW3 A66504 HSL119-SL04 30 VW3 A68504 HSL220-SL01
15 ATV38(58)HD23N4 44.7 33
18.5 ATV38(58)HD25N4 43 41 60 VW3 A68505 HSL220-SL02
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