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Dry Type Reactor/Inductor/Choke

Our Dry Type Reactor/Inductor/Choke or inductors are electric components that can store energy in a magnetic field created by the electric current passing through it. The air core reactor has low inductance and creates a weak magnetic field but is often used at high frequencies because it is free from energy loss or core loss. In order to add inductance to the air core coils, an iron core must be insert ed to form a more efficient iron core reactor.

    1. Load Bank Reactor/Inductor/ChokeLoad Bank Reactors are used in conjunction with back-up power generators which need to be run on a regular basis. Performing this function without or with little load may lead to a phenomenon called“wetstacking” which shortens the life of the diesel engine that runs the generator.

The reactor is classified into a number of categories according to the different ways as follows.
1. Structure and cooling agent
Dry type air core reactor, iron core reactor, oil-immersed reactor, etc
2. Connection mode
Shunt reactor, and series reactor.
3. Function
Current limiting reactor and compensating reactor
4. Subdivision by specific use
Line reactor, output reactor, grounding reactor, and more

Commonly used Dry Type Reactor/Inductor/Choke in power systems include iron core, air core and shunt reactors. The former types are mainly adopted for limiting short circuit currents or preventing high harmonics in series or parallel connections. Operating voltage can be regulated by adjusting the number of shunt reactors, which is regularly used for reactive power compensation and filtering.