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High Frequency Reactor/Inductor/Choke

Product Introduction

1. HSLEC series high frequency reactors are suitable for AC 1-20 KHZ high frequency circuits.
2. High quality iron core for effective insulation, vibration resistance and noise reduction.
3. The winding is wound using F class high frequency electromagnetic wire
4. These inductors greatly extend the life of your electrical system by filtering environmental factors and preventing flux leakage.

Technical Specifications
1. Rated Voltage: 220V~1500V/1~20kHZ system
2. Rated Current: 5A~2000A
3. Altitude: ≤1000m
4. Noise: ≤65Db
5. Protection Grade: IP00
6. Insulation Class: F
7. Inter-turn overvoltage withstand test:
Applying frequency 100 Hz 200 % winding terminal voltage for 60s
8. Power frequency voltage withstand test:
High voltage between earth 3kV for 60s
9. Temperature Rise:iron core no more than 85K,coil no more than 95K
10. Environment temperature:-5℃~﹢40℃
11. Standard: GB10229-88 Reactor (eqv IEC289:1987)
JB9644-1999 semiconductor electric transmission reactor

Product Usage
1. It can suppress harmonic component in the high frequency circuit and protect other electrical elements for normal and safe running.
2. Reduce the current ripple and when inductance reaches a certain amount it can ensure that current is continuous, then enhance power supply quality.
3. Matching with impedance characteristics, it can produce specific test waveforms, inspecting the electrical components’ technical parameters and performance.

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