Company Tour
27000 square meter facility
  • The office environment and team
    3 total floors with the International Business Department on the 1st floor.

  • Company plants
    Three main plants: storage plant, machine plant and production plant

  • Machine tool workshop
    This is where we produce the various components of our transformers or inductors. We control quality and timeliness in this workshop.

  • Winding workshop
    Skilled operators perform winding functions for the assembly of transformers and reactors.

  • Drying equipment
    This drying equipment helps insure the high quality finishing of our machines.

  • Raw materials
    Raw materials of the air core reactor

  • Test department
    The test department is fitted with equipment that helps ensure that all of our transformers and chokes meet relevant standards.

  • Finished line reactor
    Different specification line chokes for the customer.

  • Delivery
    Air core dry type smoothing reactors ready for shipping.

    Qinhuangdao Huashenglong Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

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